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We would like to say a Very Big Thank You to Brian & Linda and the team at the Brian Kennedy Trust for their very kind donation. Please take a look at their website The Brian Kennedy Trust’s aim is to help families make a difference. They believe children and young people should be given every opportunity to live a fulfilling childhood and build a thriving future.

Hello from everyone at Friends of Families. (FOF)

Friends of Families was first established in 1991 as a small support group for children and young people, then in 1998 FOF was registered as a charity. Currently we now have adapted lodges and caravans at the award winning five star Ribby Hall Village.

Like many small charities times are hard, the local authorities are struggling and funds normally used to support charities and community groups are no longer available. Families also are feeling the financial strain which is evidenced in Friends of Families growing list of families registered with us, but unable to afford even the subsidised costs of a short break. This was a real dilemma for us, as the very families we started out to support where the ones now stuck on a list with no hope in sight. Because Friends of Families run at cost, with no residual funds we were unable to subsidise further.

Then, through an enquiry for a break from Tracy Mayo she mentioned Louise and Trewan Sands Children’s Trust. Within a couple of weeks of making contact and meeting up we were not only able to encourage those families on the waiting list to apply to Trewan Sands Children’s Trust but to confirm they have been supported by Trewan Sands Children’s Trust.

Friends of Families details have now been added to the preferences for a break and already applications have been received.

We feel very privileged to have linked up with Trewan Sands Children’s Trust and would like to express our heartfelt thanks. Everyone we have had contact with at Trewan Sands Children’s Trust has been really helpful and so very efficient, it is a credit to your organisation. Not only has Trewan Sands Children’s Trust supported many children and families but has also supported Friends of Families achieve our objectives.

Long may it continue..

Best wishes to all at Trewan Sands Children’s Trust.

Sue Hughes Friends of Families

The donations Trewan Sands Children’s Trust make to Kensington Foundation Boat Project helps make a canal boating experience available to families who otherwise may not benefit from it, as well as providing the project with financial stability.

But why is that important?

Well it helps ensure the boat project continues to be available for many years to come, for those who need it and at an affordable price.

Donations from Trewan Sands Children’s Trust allow us to maintain our current price. This also helps all our visitors because we don’t have to pass these rising costs onto them, and as a result the price for bookings has remained the same for the past 5 years while Trewan Sands Children’s Trust have been supporting us.

So how does that help the families?
By referring families to us for their mini breaks, Trewan Sands Children’s Trust are also helping to make our facilities available to families who may otherwise not have chance to experience because of financial constraints. When a family doesn’t have much spare money, and particularly if there are additional needs because of poor mobility or any other reasons, it reassures the families to have recommendations that they know are suitable and cater for their needs, as well as being accessible, secure and safe.

We have seen the effect a few days on the boat can have. I think if the medical profession knew the benefits the canal boat holiday provides, it would be available on prescription! It has shown to relax the hyper active, calms the nerves, has a gentle sensory, very calming effect and is very accessible, even for wheelchairs.
And because the boat is run entirely by dedicated volunteers who are there to take care of the boat while the family relax in a safe environment, and who are there voluntarily because they want to be, not to earn a wage, it means they are passionate about what they do, helping to make the experience all the more enjoyable. That is passed on to the families, many of who come back the following year.

We ask for feedback from all our families, we often hear similar statements like
‘Spending quality time for the first time in ages’
‘Gained some very happy and lasting memories’
‘We feel strengthened by the break and ready for the year ahead’

And always the families are full of praise and extremely grateful for Trewan Sands Children’s Trust making it happen for them.

On a personal note we find your whole organisation very professional, it is great to work in what could be classed as a partnership in a sense, at least from our point of view. i hope you find the booking simple enough and does not cause too much admin, if you feel the need to change anything just shout.

Tim Murphy

Dear Louise and trustees

Long-Shaw Kids Fund are delighted and feel honoured to class Trewan Sands Children’s Trust as friends. With Trewan Sands Children’s Trusts friendship and funding we have been able to offer many fun activities to children and young adults that are not always that easy for them to access. Long-Shaw Kids Fund aims to enrich the lives of children and young adults in Lancashire. With support from Trewan Sands Children’s Trust we have been able to send these youngsters and many more on barge trips, outward bounds activities including rock climbing, caving, canoeing and travelling down a zip wire, skiing and indoor sky diving. There is no greater reward than seeing the delight on these youngsters face and being part of helping them get a sense of achievement and a new experience. Thank you for putting many smiles on many beautiful young people’s faces.


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